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Dr Gammons says: ‘London accounts for over one quarter of Britain’s homeless and rough sleepers. As mayor, I have solutions so that no-one needs ever again be forced to sleep rough … with zero costs to Londoners. After the Balham Disaster of 1940 ten underground air-raid shelters were commissioned which could house up to 100,000 people.  Today they stand empty and unused.  My plan is to turn them
into homeless shelters.

Just one of them at Clapham South can accommodate up to 8,000 people. My team are already in discussion with one homeless charity I support, to see them turned into comfortable, en-suite private bedrooms and restaurants, staffed by volunteer and sponsored by businesses. I am convinced that many
big companies, like HSBC and Emirates Airlines would be glad to finance such a humanitarian cause.

Obviously, this is a temporary solution until permanent accommodation can be found, but it is a viable solution, so no one is forced to ever again sleep rough. It will also save millions of pounds spent each winter housing the homeless in hotels, which has to be paid for by London’s taxpayers. These shelters were built for an emergency and can be utilised because we are today facing a different emergency.

Labour and the Greens have typically criticised my idea, but what are they doing? They are already in office and yet there are still hundreds forced to sleep on the streets each night. I prefer my solution to their lack of solutions. I know that if I was homeless, I would prefer a warm bed and a hot meal to having to sleep in the cold and rain.

Even my UKIP campaign Black Cab is not just out canvasing, it is being used to deliver food to the homeless. This is not some election gimmick, I have supported homeless projects for over 30 years and am running for mayor because I care and have solutions for all of London’s key problems. I was supporting London’s homeless charities long before I was running for mayor. They are doing a wonderful job to tackle the underlying causes of the homeless and to get people off the streets for good.”

P.S. Let’s make a difference. Join me in supporting the great work of and others. If you are homeless and need help call: 0207 592850 or 0207 766544. If you are concerned about someone who is homeless call: 0300 5000914. If you suspect a homeless person is a minor or in danger call: 999.


Answers for Archant’s local papers in east London (Romford Recorder, Ilford Recorder, Newham Recorder, Barking & Dagenham Post, East London Advertiser). “In 100 words What will you do to improve the lives of people living in east London?’

You need a mayor who will consults people and represents them – not force changes on them.   I have strategies for reducing violent crime and protecting women and young people. I am fighting for cladding victims, cab drivers, renters, to freeze council taxes and stop discrimination against those who cannot afford new electric cars.  I will stop the expansion of congestion charges, bicycle lanes and LTNs. It is time to end lockdown and  rebuild the economy.  I will protect London’s green spaces and introduce neighbourhood schemes to transform and beautify every community.  So, vote for someone who will fight for you.



1. Should London be opening quicker than the current roadmap?

Yes, I have said all along that lockdown would result in more deaths than Covid.  Just look at some of the cost of lockdown: 79 million fewer GP appointments, 4.4 million less cancer diagnosis, 4.6 million waiting treatment, other life threatening diseases undiagnosed and  untreated, 6000 more deaths from heart attacks and strokes, 12,000 less heart operations, one in six children now with mental health disorders, suicides rising dramatically, unemployment up by 700,000, one in four businesses bankrupted and £1 billion a day being added to the national debt.

2. What changes would you like to see *immediately*?

Lockdown should end immediately.  The government has chosen a totally wrong strategy for dealing with a virus which does not pose a serious threat to most people.  Figures released today confirm that the average age of fatality from Covid was 82 with just 2 in 1000 who get it dying. An antibody test showed I had Covid last summer and didn’t even know about it, with zero symptoms.  I hope when people go to vote they will remember that Conservative, Liberal and Labour are equally guilty in supporting lockdown.  UKIP is the only mainline party which has opposed it and openly opposes vaccine passports.

3. What do you think have been the biggest mistakes of the lockdown?

Lockdown itself.  Once again, UKIP was the first party to support the Great Barrington Declaration – protect the vulnerable and get everyone else back to normal.  One British scientific journal reported this week that up to two-thirds of those who died during the first lockdown caught Covid in hospital.

4. Do you support vaccine passports for international travel?

No, it is blackmail.  We are told that the vaccine does not stop the spread of Covid and at best only lessens the symptoms, so what is the point of forcing people to have it if they do not want to?  It should be the individual’s choice. It is outrageous that politician have protected pharmaceutics companies they own shares in from liability. 

5. Do you support vaccine passports for domestic use?

No, once again, it is governmental bullying.  UKIP was started 28 years ago to stand up to the bullying elite in Westminster.  We are a libertarian party who believe in minimum government and oppose politicians interfering in people’s lives.  The Khan controlled Met have even stopped my team from legally campaigning, using ‘Covid’ to threatening us with arrest, even though the ban on campaigning was lifted on March 8th. The mainstream parties are using ‘Covid’ as an excuse to strip us of our rights and civil liberties.  Many people have failed to realise that UKIP was not primarily about Brexit – it was about freedom and democracy – we forced a referendum because we believed the people should decide, not the politicians.  Our fight is far from over. That is why I am standing as mayor for UKIP.

6. When do you think Londoners should return to the office?

Immediately while there is still some hope of economic recovery. 

7. When should international travel be restored?

Immediately.  Things are almost back to normal in so many countries.  Friends oversees are shocked we are still holding people under house arrest.  Young people are suffering most, their education is being destroyed by the government, over a virus which holds next to no threat to them.  They will be the ones having to pay for the billions the Tory’s have passed on to their cronies in underhanded Covid deals.

Peter Gammons

UKIP Candidate for Mayor of London


Answer to questions from London Charity (December 2020) 

 1. What is your environmental policy?

London’s parks  and green space are one of my great passions.  Anyone who has heard my campaign speeches or seen the six priorities on my campaign website will realize this.  My plans are not to  just protect our parks, but to add further parks and green space everywhere I can.   For me, trees are the number one answer to the issues of CO2 emissions and global warming.  Kahn’s unused bicycle lanes are not the solution. They are causing congestion and as a result, increasing the poluotion. They are neither a viable or sensible solution.  My campaign launch video introduced my ‘Plant a Tree by 23’ project, to have school groups from all across Britain come to London to each plant a tree.  This not only promotes clean air, but educates children  on environmental issues and secures a place in their heart for the capital.  Once again, I am the only mayoral candidate promoting this solution. The average petrol car emits 4 tons of C02 a year(source:  The average beech tree (the queen of British trees), absorbs 20-25 tons of CO2  (source: EO Professor Mathias Disney: BBC Countryfile).  I have been saying for a long time that trees and plants not only beautify London, but are the greatest key to resolving air pollution and the serious issue of C02 emissions.  They are natures vacuum cleaners.  From the oxygen they produce to the carbon they absorb, trees are the life and lungs of London.   A failure to protect our parks, trees and green space has serious implications for the longevity of Londoners.  This is why I am delighted that  you contacted me.  I support your work financially and if elected wish to work together closely to protect London’s parks, trees and green spaces for those living here now and for future generations.  I launched my ‘Plant a Tree by 23’ campaign and spoke out on this issue long before you approached me, as you will see in my Campaign video and 6 priorities for London at http://www.Gammons.London 

2. What would you do specifically for London’s parks to ease public health concerns?

Parks lend themselves to social distancing and are the safest environment for walking, rest and recreation during this crisis.  As for the parks themselves, if elected I will fight to protect them as well as to promote them in a way neither Conservative or Labour administrations have done.  They play a vital part in the physical health, mental health, wholeness and well being of all Londoners.  I also plan monthly ‘Events in the Parks’ to encourage  families and individuals to rediscover and appreciate their importance.  Parks enrich family life and cement friendship and romance. They are vital for recreation and as a haven of peace and tranquility in our fast paced city.  Natural beauty is food for the soul.  Concrete jungles are always the seedbed for  violence and crime. Above all, as I have been saying for a long time, our parks and trees are the number one solution to the ecological challenges of any major city.

3. What are your views on the potential of parks to ease public health concerns?

Accesssble parks for all Londoners, especially those living in central London are imperative, especially where so many live in high rise buildings, without gardens of their own.  This can never be over emphasized.

 4. Will you create new parks and public green spaces  and if yes, how much?

Everywhere I can and as much as possible!  It will be a requirement for all new developments.  This is where cooperating with organizations like your own is so important to me, to identify every possible opportunity we can before greedy developers take them all.  The Tories and Labour are equally guilty in selling out London’s green space.  

5. Will you invest in a green recovery, and if so can you give details?

Billions of pounds have been wasted on foolish projects, especially under the current administration, money which should have been invested in protecting and expanding our parks and planting tens of thousands more trees.  This I believe is the way forward to securing clean air in the city.  Tearing up trees to provide more unused bicycle lanes is both disgraceful and the cause of increased congestion.  It is creating further problems for the future, not resolving them.  Our parks can provide a safe environment for walkways and cycle lanes all across the city.  So many of Khan’s projects unfairly penalise the poor. I would count it the greatest of pleasure as Mayor in investing heavily and working with you to both preserve and to expand our park and green spaces.

6. How will you encourage uptake of public transport and active travel?

The use of public transport is a contentious issue during this Covid crisis.  I love the British underground, but you won’t see me using buses.  I have been the sole voice encouraging the development of the miles of unused underground tunnels (developed by the ministry of defense) to provide safe bicycle lanes, walkways and the world’s first major underground pod system.  This is a way to preserve the limited green space left above ground, especially in central London.

7. Will you demand all new developments add to, or increase, green infrastructure?

Yes, most Definitely!  Developers will have to submit green plans to receive approval. Electing a candidate like myself without long time political ties and financial affiliation to developers is very important for the future of our city.  That is why I am standing as mayor, to protect London and to make it sustainable, successful and safe for future generations.  


Answers to  Mayoral Candidate Questions

1. Why do you want to be Mayor of London?

Because I care.  Someone needs to restore some sanity to the capital! The bike lanes, LTNs, extortionate congestion charges, road closures and unfinished road works are causing most of the congestion and pollution in London.  I am especially fighting for poorer Londoners who cannot just go out and buy new electric cars and are being discriminated against.  Politicians are elected to represent voters, not force things on them.  London needs a mayor who will solves the problems, not cause them.  am standing up for everyone whose voice I believe is currently being ignored at City Hall.

2. What will your transport priorities be as Mayor?

(1) To re-open the roads closed by Khan and to get London moving.  (2) To review and remove many bicycle lanes which are largely unused and causing the congestion and pollution. (3) To immediately get all of the road works finished, with  penalties for those who do not deliver on time.  Supermarket manager know you should be re-stocking the shelves at night. (4) To stop the expansion of LTNs. (5) To support Licensed Cabs as the central form of transport on London’s roads. Khan’s dad was a bus driver, but as I was growing up on a council estate, buses were for those who could not afford any other option.  I don’t see him using buses. Going out of your way, with numerous stops, sitting next to strangers and freezing in the winter is for those who have no other option.   If I am mayor it will not be London’s future.  My ‘Black Cabs Matter’ campaign is fighting for cabbies, including ‘where buses go cabs go.’  I am a passionate supporter of  cabbies.  I have loved Cabs since I was a child and use them daily.  Instead of a Mayoral Campaign Bus, I chose to buy a black cab to wrap, to show my support for London’s amazing cabbies.  It says on it ‘Black Cabs Matter.’  We are not just using it to campaign, but to feed the homeless as we do. 

3. The licensed taxi trade has a long and proud history in London, what do you think the future holds for the trade.

Black Cabs and licensed taxis are an important part of London’s  past and as Mayor I will ensure that they are a central part of London’s future.  I feel the London licenced taxi trade is in serious danger if the current administration regain power.  That is why I launched my ‘Black Cabs Matter’ Campaign.  UKIP was started 28 years ago to fight the elite at Westminster. We forced a referendum, because we believed the people should decide, not the politicians.  It was not just about Brexit – it was about democracy.  So I hope people will vote for me and for UKIP so we can fight for you. 

 4.  The Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions have been devastating for London’s licensed taxi trade, how would you support the trade’s recovery?

 It angers me that more has not been done. There have been bail outs for the hospitality and entertainment industry, but they have forgotten that it is the taxi drivers who take people to the restaurants and shows.  I am against further lockdowns and believe, especially now the most vulnerable have had the vaccine we must get things back to normal immediately.

5. Promoting active travel (cycling and walking) and reducing car use are priorities for national and local government to improve air quality and achieve the UK’s net zero target, how would you deliver on this as Mayor of London?

Cycling is not the future for London.  Only a certain type of person wants to arrive at work soggy and worn out.  We don’t have the weather for it!  My green policies are outlined on my website, which includes a million new trees – nature’s vacuum cleaners.  I have already stated that I oppose efforts to take poorer families cars away.  It annoys me that it was Labour who told people to go out and buy diesel, because it was better for the environment.  Now they are punishing them for having done that.  While I believe electric vehicles are the way forward I think forcing cabbies to buy so-called ‘electrical vehicles’ that only do 30-50 miles before needing to be recharged was wrong.  As mayor I will fight for 15 years for taxi drivers.  So, basically that sums up why I’m running.

“It was heartening to hear that Peter Gammons one of the Mayoral candidates has come out in favour of the Licensed London Taxi Trade quoting “Where Buses go Taxis go”. Peter also has a stance against the ridiculous amount of road closures in the capital and the amount of unused cycle lanes. London needs to be re-vitalised with a strong commercial leader and I wish him well with his quest to be Mayor of London.”

Peter DaCosta

KPM Automotive LTD.


I fully support Trussell Trust’s campaign and if elected mayor I commit to working towards ending the need for food banks and towards building a hunger free future.  

This need has been especially highlighted by the Covid lockdown, when so many have lost their jobs, are unable to work and do not qualify for government subsidies.  

I do not say this to boast, but so that you know my sincerity.  As a best selling author I signed over 90% of my sales to charity and personally supported around 200 charities. This includes feeding programmes and London’s homeless charities which I support every month.  I did this long before I was nominated as mayoral candidate.  I have actually headed up homeless projects and feeding programmes for over 30 years (and take no salary for this).  

My 2021 London Mayoral vehicle is not just out campaigning but primarily distributing food to those in need. 

This is why I need the vote of all Londoners on May 6th, firstly for Mayor and secondly  for UKIP for the London Assembly, for which I am lead candidate.  If elected I can assure you I will use this power and influence to deliver the changes we need to work towards a hunger free future.

Dr Peter Gammons

UKIP candidate for Mayor of London

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